Innovation is the engine of every company. The ATLAS Innovation Manager is the solution for the management
of innovation and an important building block for efficient online communications with customers.
The ATLAS Innovation Manager uses the IBM Case Manager and was implemented with the support of IBM.

ATLAS ECM is an enterprise content management solution, which is developed based on open Web standards
and the ISO standards for document management. ATLAS can operate within their company or as a cloud solution.

ATLAS uses browser and runs on PCs, tablets and smartphones and manages all types of documents, even 3D CAD files.
ATLAS is quick to learn and easy to use.

Data sovereignty is always in the company through full access to the database and the archive.

ATLAS can be adapted to the business processes through the free design of the data model , user interface and workflow .

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Looking for an ECM system which adapts to your workflow? You are an IT company and looking for ECM for your customers?

Enterprise Content Management ( ECM ) includes the methods, techniques and tools for capturing, managing, storage, preservation and provision of content and documents to support organizational processes in the company. ECM performs structured, weakly structured and unstructured information together. Enterprise is an all access legitimate organization usable solution. The access authorization can in literacy editing privileges are differentiated. Content stands for any content in electronic systems. Management is the management, processing and control systems. Source: Wikipedia

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